Population growths have significant roles to play in the suistainability of the natural resources. Not only the number of people, but also the lifestyle, consumption patterns and land-use directly affect the resources. High levels of consumption and industrialization, inequality in wealth and land use distribution, inappropriate goverment policies, poverty and inefficient technologies contribute depletion of the natural and energy resources.

Some of the problems will arise from the uncontrolled exploitation of natural and energy resources, such as the depletion of fossil fuels, deforestation, greenhouse gases increase, water pollutin and soail erosion, which in turn lead to environmental degradation and major health problems.

The 1st International Conference on Energy, Environment and Information System (ICENIS) was successfully held on October 21st-22th, 2016 in Semarang. More than 150 regular participants and presenters attended the conference, in which about 100 paper have been published in Advanced Science Letters (Scopus-indexed Proceeding). To maintain the achievements, it is important to organize the ICENIS 2017 with theme "Enchancing Sustainability of Environment, Energy, Information System Management".

The goal of ICENIS 2017 are:

  • to create an international forum for the researchers, students, industries and governments to communicate their results on the fundamentals and application of energy, environment and information systems
  • to share and exchange ideas, thoughts and discussions on all aspects of energy, environment and information systems
  • to facilitate the formation of networks among participants to enhance the quality and benefits of research and development